Whatever car you have, we repair all airbags and dashboards. Even if airbags are broken for certain causes or steering wheel airbag is deployed during accident. Wherever you are in Turkey, send us broken Airbag or dashboards. We will repair and maintain it and send it back to your address. Come with your vehicle if you want. We will repair and assemble broken airbag or dashboards by our expert team. All airbags and dashboards that we repair or maintain are guaranteed by our company. If you do not want to repair the broken airbag or dashboards, you may buy new or used one from our company. MISSION Istanbul Teknik Oto Airbag; has set its goal of self-renewal and development and is proud to have completed the work of a brand new system that allows easy and practical installation of its products. VISION It is the product of advanced technology that works simultaneously with contemporary applications in the world. The products are made available to the customers and assemblies after approval by the consumer within the frame of the new developments.

Teknik Oto Airbag

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